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Chen Wen Hsi | 1905 – 1992

Chen Wen Hsi is one of Singapore’s pioneer artists, known for his avant-garde Chinese paintings.He was born in Baigong in Guangdong province, and had his early education at Chen Li Primary School and St. Joseph Middle School.

chen wen hsi (21)After graduation from secondary school, Chen Wen Hsi decided to study full-time in fine art at the Shanghai College of Art in 1928, despite his uncle’s objection. Unhappy with the college, Chen transferred to the Xinhua College of Art in Shanghai, where he was taught by renowned artists such as Pan Tianshou, with half of his classmates a year later. It was at Xinhua that he became acquainted with Chen Jen Hao, Chen Chong Swee and Liu Kang, all of whom were to become Singapore’s Nanyang pioneer artists and art educationists. After four years at Xinhua, Chen graduated and returned to Baigong.

Other Masters

Other Artists

范昌乾 | Fan Chang Tien (1908-1985)

范昌乾 (1908-1985),字鹤丹,号园丁、园翁。广东揭阳人。毕业于上海艺专,师从王一亭(白龙山人)、诸闻韵 (诸乐三兄长)、王个簃、潘天寿等人,擅长国画,尤善花鸟。新加坡著名画家。




Fan Chang Tien (1908-1985) courtesy name hedan, art name dingyuan, yuanwen, wafangchangqian31511161_26s born in guangdong province. His teacher was Wang Yiting, Zhu Wenyun, Wang Geyi, Pan Tianshou. Fan Chang Tien was good at chinese painting follower & bird. Fan Chang Tien was a famous pioneer Singapore artist.

Fan Chang Tien as graduated from Shantou art normal school and study in shanghai xinhua art institution when he was 16 years old. 1929 he studied in Shanghai changming art school major in Chinese painting. Honorary president Wang Yi Ting was his teacher. And Wang Ge Yi was head of Chinese painting department. 25 years old he returned to Shantou to organize Yitao painting sociaty for teaching Chinese painting. He published his painting album and active in Chao Zhou art world.

Retired teacher Fan Chang Tien’s life was more colorful, poetry, painting, carving, orchid, classes and apprentices at that time many students come to learn,Many students were enrolled in the course to his home. 60s students were Ling Cher Eng, Nai Swee Leng, David Lam Ka Hung, 70s students Chua Er Kay……